Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs provides support to an organisation in many different areas in the post-marketing setting. Firstly they are critical in working with commercial colleagues to ensure the strategic direction for each product is appropriate and feasible. Medical Affairs are also key in ensuring compliant promotional activities and are a requirement for review and sign off of certain materials and approval of other commercial activities. Additionally they are vital in the provision of information to healthcare professionals and regulatory authorities relating to the value and correct usage of company products. They are often involved in clinical studies to further increase scientific knowledge about a product, once it’s on the market place.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Work alongside marketing to promote the company’s healthcare services or products
  • Overseeing clinical trials, helping with design, monitoring and reporting adverse effects
  • Running Medical Affairs Groups which are vital to providing various industry stakeholders with medical information relating to the correct usage of their products
  • Work closely with the legal team to ensure all documentation is accurate
  • Monitor the quality of patient care

Why Choose Essjay Solutions for your Medical Affairs Requirements?

It can be difficult to find a Medical Affairs physician that you trust. Rather than having a full time position, maybe you just require someone to go to for ad hoc sign off on materials or activities. Essjay Solutions have extensive global and local experience, providing Medical Affairs support to a range of pharmaceutical companies. We also have a link to ABPI thought groups that act as a sounding board for particularly difficult code of practice questions. Essjay Solutions also has experience in providing product strategic advice and input into clinical study design. This rounded experience means that Essjay Solutions are particularly adept at stepping in at any time to provide support as needed.