PV Physician

Why do you need a Pharmacovigilance Physician?

The PV Physician has oversight for benefit:risk management and provides medical input into all pharmacovigilance activities. They input into ICSRs through medical review, usually oversee and input into aggregate report production (PBRER, DSUR) for their products or therapeutic area and provide medical support to risk management plans and risk minimisation activities.

Pharmacovigilance physicians are key in signal detection and evaluation as well as dealing with emerging safety issues. Regulatory documents will often require a medical person to sign off before submission to the authority, further highlighting the importance of this role.

Why choose Essjay Solutions for your PV Physician requirements?

You may not require a full time PV Physician and just need support which would be more cost effective for your company. Essjay Solutions are aware of how hard it can be to find knowledgeable and experienced PV Physicians. We have a pool of professionals who have worked for many years within the industry. What makes our PV Physicians unique is their in depth understanding of pharmacovigilance with a specific slant on practical solutions. Additionally we have experience in other functional roles, such as medical affairs; that ensures support with a holistic view and ensuring you find a hands-on individual who can hit the ground running.