Brexit has led to European Medicines Agency(EMA) to prepare a plan to enable business continuity of the Agency’s operation. The Brexit Preparedness plan prioritised on the relocation to its new host city, with its resources and core activity (if required), and departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union(EU).

The EMA Brexit preparedness BCP consists of the following elements:

• Methodology for the prioritisation of EMA activities.

• Linking EMA activities to the time recorded by EMA staff in CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet), the EMA tool to record working time.

• Methodology for the implementation of the prioritisation of EMA activities.

• Quantification of the freed-up resources.

• Guiding principles for the allocation of the freed-up resources. All other EMA activities are prioritised as follows:

• those with a fee generating component to ensure a stable income for EMA

• those with a legal obligation put on EMA

• those which relate to other core activities

• those of a strategic character

• those of a non-strategic character.