Dr Seema Jaitly, founder at Essjay Solutions, will be presenting and facilitating a workshop at the ‘Back to Basics in Pharmacovigilance’ course held by the Drug Safety Research Unit in London on 25 and 26 February.

Dr Jaitly will be facilitating a workshop covering the History of Pharmacovigilance and following this with a detailed presentation on International Collaboration in Pharmacovigilance which covers all the pharmacovigilance relevant CIOMS topics and ICH guidelines. These excellent courses, run by the Drug Safety Research Unit, are intended to provide solid practical foundations for those working in drug safety and beneficial for staff working in pharmacovigilance departments as it provides a broad overview of why certain activities were implemented and shows how the discipline has changed over the years.

Dr Jaitly will lecture delegates on the founding principles of pharmacovigilance and ensure they are familiar with the basic regulatory definitions. Dr Jaitly will also look globally to provide an understanding for the need of standardisation of collection and monitoring of data and the principles of pharmacovigilance and what the global differences are.

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Dr Jaitly is a regular speaker on the pharmacovigilance circuit and has recently returned from a presentation on QQPVs in Dubai.