Dr. Seema Jaitly has been asked to present at the DIA India – International PV Conference in Mumbai, India which is running 13-14 May 2016. The theme is Innovations in PV – the era of ePV. With more regulatory actions being pronounced and with many countries enacting pharmacovigilance legislations, it is being increasingly recognised that patient safety is a common concern for regulators and stakeholders too.

This conference will bring together thought leaders and stakeholders of pharmacovigilance to discuss best practices and look at handling of drug safety data and other niche topics, with the focus on PV and related professionals in India.

Seema will be presenting on the current EMA/MHRA trends and practices regarding paperless submissions. This will include reporting expedited reports, PSMF registration and more on PSUR submission.

You can find out more information on the conference and sign up here