At Essjay Solutions we are dedicated to providing exceptional contract services to your business, allowing you more time to get on with the day-to-day running of your company. The services that we offer under our contract services can be viewed in more detail below.


All companies that need a PV system in place must have a Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) permanently available. Essjay Solutions are able to provide a ‘fill in’ QPPV when you require one until a new permanent QPPV is available within your company. QPPVs must be experienced and have documented training within pharmacovigilance. We meet these requirements and are able to offer this service on an ad-hoc basis

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PV Physician

Pharmacovigilance physicians are vital to ensure that your company is achieving a positive benefit to risk ratio management with medical products and drugs. This has become even more important within pharmacovigilance since the new EU PV legislation. Essjay Solutions are able to provide the support of a full time or part time qualified and experienced PV Physician and can also cover ICSR review to strategy input.

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Medical affairs

This is a crucial activity within the pharmaceutical industry from both a compliance and strategic view and the considered medical input ensures that the objectives set by your company are both appropriate and reachable. The actions taken by medical companies are continuously being scrutinised, making compliance a vital area of any medical company. Essjay Solutions can provide medical affairs solutions and ABPI final signatory support.

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